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  1. Kek
    'Shadowplay' is hosted by Anita and Michelle, playing goth rock, darkwave, deathrock and coldwave. As far as we know, we're the longest-running goth radio show in the world correct us if we're wrong!
  2. Mukinos
    Fetisch, X-mal Deutschland one Jack Jones cassette and one Frank Sinatra. They never listened to their records (how could they?) but they didn’t get rid of them either. I was fascinated by the thick brittle density of the 78s – much heavier in your hand than they should have been and a bottomless black. I imagined they’d taste like.
  3. Dar
    The excellent Kill Your Pet Puppy archive has posted a couple of X-Mal items: a rip of the Zick Zack Incubus inch, and this partial live recording of a Fetisch-era gig at the Clarendon. Track listing: Hand In Hand Kaempfen Geheimnis Qual Young Man Incubus Succubus Sehnsucht (part) Nice work fellas!
  4. Goltishakar
    Songtexte und Videos vom Album Hand In Hand von Sharona und vieles mehr findest du auf stubasbreathrefiverrizarafjobtsakoch.xyzinfo
  5. Tagal
    Xmal (or X Mal, X-mal) Deutschland were an important old-school gothic rock band from Hamburg, Western Germany. I already have mentioned them in connection with Coptic Rain, but this album (the best in their discography, in my opinion) deserves its own entry.
  6. Dogami
    Dec 13,  · Qual / Geheimnis / Young Man / Indernacht / Orient. Hand In Hand / Kaempfen / Danthem / Boomerang / Stummes Kind. One of the musical highlights of for me personally was the release of the debut album by Xmal Deutschland and also the gigs that the band performed in London around that time to promote the LP and the follow up 12″ single entitled ‘Qual’.
  7. Datilar
    Oct 05,  · First off is Peilitalossa, the amazing first album by Musta Paraati from Finland. Recorded in and originally released on Johanna Records. This rip is from the re-issue CD and contains all the tracks from the band's other 7"s, three tracks from the band's second full length, Käärmeet (), as well as one demo track and one live track.
  8. Sanos
    Devils is not the best album by X-Mal Deutschland, but by far their most ignored one. The problem already starts that only a handful of people are aware that this fourth and final album has been released. Even if Viva will be my favourite album by them (I know you all prefer Fetisch!), "All in My Hand" – "Drowned You" –
  9. Feshakar
    Mar 18,  · Der Zauber einer ersten intensiven Begegnung – Julian le Play hat ihn auf unvergleichliche Weise eingefangen: In „Hand in Hand“, erzählt Julian le Play, wie.

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