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  1. Zulukree
    Kora @ Burning Man [Sunrise Set on the Maxa Xaman] by >> Kora published on TZ Kora - When We Dip Radio # [] by When We Dip Radio.
  2. Kagrel
    Description. Extra flat kora, perfect to take away for all your moves and be abble to play everywhere!The calabash is removable, with the calabash the sound is similar to the sound of the classical instrument. Without the calabash you win some space for playing all the time!
  3. Kazirr
    Feb 13,  · The A.N.T Kora 3T designs as far as I understand it are post his Creek period so will not necessarily sound like them. I also have an A.N.T Kora 3T SE MM and couldn't recommend it highly enough. As always, personal taste is critical in your decision here but I personally love the subtle but detailed and musical sound of the Kora 3T.
  4. Bralrajas
    - la société Kora est toujours active et son service technique peut assurer sans problème l’entretien et la réparation d’un tel appareil. Dimensions (L x H x P): 46 x 23 x 39 cm. Poids: environ 18 kg Prix: € Région de Nice. Livraison possible, à discuter.
  5. Dokus
    La marque toulousaine Kora a été reprise. En source il y aura des électroniques Audiomat: convertisseur Audiomat Maestro 3 Référence, transport CD Audiomat Drive D1 Mk2, avec des câbles Absolue Créations et les meubles Centaure de Pascal Lebret.
  6. Gojind
    Kora’s arch rival is the Trichord Dino at £, which is a far more feature-packed affair, being adjustable for gain, load and use with MC cartridges. It’s a very fine performer at the price, but definitely comes in at one end of the sonic spectrum, being quite forthright, snappy and .
  7. Grolar
    The Kora breathed new life into vocal performances (I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but I am an avid Hank Thompson fan) and gave a well-rounded tonality and well-focused soundstage. I used the Kora Triode with the Melos MAT tube amp and a pair of psb Stratus Silvers. Gosh, I just didn't want to get up off my chair!
  8. Maramar
    Kora! is the first new work by Cabaret Voltaire (now fundamentally Stephen H Kirk) since , a re-working of key tracks from the debut album by the New Zealand platinum-selling dub warriors, Kora. Not a million miles removed from his Sandoz project, it’s robust cut-up techno, rammed full of found voices and, at times, beats so big you think.

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