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  1. Nasar
    Deathroll Death ‘n’ roll is a crossbreed of death metal and rock & roll, launched by Swedish titans Entombed some 25 years ago. When a band names itself Deathroll and includes members from Disturbance, Fuzzbrats and Bloodsphere, you know what you’re in for: hardcore rock & roll sewer grooves and punked up slabs of metal up your ass.
  2. Gotilar
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  3. Tazuru
    Scream Bloody Gore, Leprosy and Spiritual Healing Collector's Mask Pack.
  4. Voodooshakar
    Like an alligator, you twist and wrench your foe, forcing him to the ground. Prerequisite(s): Bite attack, reptilian subtype. Benefit(s): When grappling a foe of your size or smaller, you can attempt to perform a death roll. Upon a successful grapple combat maneuver check to deal damage with your bite attack, you can immediately attempt a second grapple combat maneuver check as a free action.
  5. Nikolkree
    Death roll definition: a list of the people killed in a war or disaster | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  6. Grokinos
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  7. Akinokinos
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  8. Shakakora
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